We’re here today to discuss ways to create a safe place for our employees, and I am sure many businesses might be interested in this topic.

Mental health effects us all, it’s more than just a personal issue. The mental health of employees can negatively effect the company as a whole. From decreased job performance and productivity to a total breakdown in daily functions, improving everyone’s mental health is significant to our growth as a company.

Did you know, Depression is one of the most common illnesses in our society and in the workforce, and interferes with a person’s ability to complete a physical task happens to be around 20% of the time on average? It also reduces cognitive performance by about 35%.

Together, let’s promote a culture of mental health awareness. Mental Health check providing employees no matter how large or small with free resources for self mental health checks can go a long way.

Things like checklist, brochures, flyers, and videos providing information and the opportunities for treatment can also help us bring attention to mental health awareness. A push for more mental health benefits can offer low or no cost treatment plans for employees. In house counseling and therapy are effective ways to keep our minds healthy. If you need to take a day off to rest and recharge your mind, go ahead, the reality is you really need to stay focused. Comprehensive health insurance that cover mental health issues can encourage more employees to seek help with their mental health.

Things to consider further, training goals, funding training seminars, creating modules, and providing resources on mental health can help managers lead more effectively. It is importing to keep the lines open and foster a safe environment where vulnerabilities are recognized as strengths and not weaknesses.

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