Medical Malpractice

It would be fair to say that medical malpractice has been an important issue ever since the reconstruction the health care bill. As many hospitals closed around the country, researchers can see a migration of doctors leaving the practice for varying reasons, but I ask myself what were the hard issues that made many doctors decide to leave.  

An article put out by the AAMC entitled New findings confirm predictions on physician shortage stated quote  

“The nation’s population is growing and aging, and as we continue to address population health goals like reducing obesity and tobacco use, more Americans will live longer lives. These factors and others mean we will need more doctors,” said AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD. “Even with new ways of delivering care, America’s doctor shortage continues to remain real and significant.”  

This information over the years has prompted many bills introduced into legislation that covers a range of topics that sought of gives an overall view of all the changes all of us will be seeing in the near future. For example the state of Iowa has introduced a bill to address medical malpractice.  

And according to DFS back in New York City announcing quote, “Taking into consideration the importance and current status of New York’s medical malpractice market, DFS carefully reviewed this acquisition to protect HIC policyholders,” said Acting Superintendent Lacewell. “The measured expansion of competition in the medical malpractice market by a DFS-regulated insurer is positive for doctors, and ultimately good for consumers.”  

Links and Reading Material  

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