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Pirius R. Differences Between Rape, Sexual Battery, and Sexual Assault. Published January 10, 2014. Accessed May 6, 2023. ‌

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What Is Sexual Assault? How Is Sexual Assault Punished?

Sexual assault has become somewhat of an umbrella term that covers both aspects of rape (penetration) and sexual battery (contact).

Several states that moved away from the term rape replaced it with sexual assault. But, in some states, you’ll find degrees of sexual assault crimes (such as fourth- or fifth-degrees) that include acts related to sexual battery (contact) as well.

The penalties will depend on what conduct is covered under the definition of “sexual assault.” As noted above, sexual assault involving sexual penetration almost always falls under felony classifications, whereas sexual contact can range from a misdemeanor to a felony.


The Importance of Legal Representation

If you’ve been accused of or charged with any sex crime, contact a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can help guide you through the criminal justice process, protect your rights, and zealously defend your case. Having a conviction for a sex crime can carry long-lasting repercussions that go beyond incarceration and fines, such as sex offender registration requirements and sex offender treatment. A conviction can also make it difficult to obtain a job or housing, and having a sex crime conviction can disqualify you from many professions.